Hammill and Co combines vintage, art and colour to create exclusive and unique designs, with a cool, casual vibe!

Cat launched Hammill & Co in 2015 when her little boy was a baby, with one goal in mind to revamp the essential sweatshirt!

Designed to be worn relaxed and oversized in fleecy fabrics and distressed denim with courageous, joyful messages of love, dreams and bravery! Oozing Happy Vibes with a simple brand philosophy of wanting to make people happy!

Eight years later and best known for bold signature branding and colour; Cat’s brand is evolving all the time!

The re-launch of her very successful boho jewellery brand last summer was a huge success, along with a new line of bags, shoes and coloured denim!

New limited-edition product is launched on the website every few weeks, showcasing exclusive styles with limited edition runs!

Experimenting with new vintage washes and positive messages with each collection! Cat’s signature branding of “Stay cool and beautiful” is on her denim and packaging!


Stay tuned for exciting times ahead!


As a brand, we take every aspect of our design and manufacturing process very seriously!

From the design, sourcing, and production processes we look at everything being affected by it, from the environment, to our factories and communities where it’s produced, to the end consumer!


We work with two family owned Fair Trade Certified small factories.  Both manufacturers pride themselves on looking after their staff, facilities and working conditions and their employee standards are of the highest level!

Dyes, hazardous chemicals and finishes from the manufacturing process are not dangerous to the workers or the environment. We use only low impact dyes  for our clothing which follow very strict standards.